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Written in collaboration with a community of thought leaders, this book lays important groundwork for understanding DevOps from an enterprise-wide perspective

… sets out the principles and practices necessary for success in the new economy.

     Jez Humble, Author of Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps,

Continuous Delivery, and The Lean Enterprise


Steve Bell has hit another home run with this book. Either your organization will adopt the wisdom contained in this book and thrive, or your competitors will do so and put you out of business.

      Scott Ambler, Author of Disciplined Agile Delivery

This book focuses on the most critical and challenging issue for any aspect of the development or use of IT: creating a collaborative learning culture.

     Jeffrey K. Liker, Shingo Prize-winning Author of The Toyota Way series

A powerful read detailing how companies can leverage their Lean IT transformation to supercharge the business.

     Tom Paider, IT Build Capability Leader, Nationwide

Delivering beyond the helpful folk wisdom and narrow techniques and technologies found elsewhere, Steve Bell and his contributors provide practical full value stream lifecycle methods for continuous improvement using Lean in an IT and customer (business) setting.

     Martin Erb, Director of Professional Services, Pink Elephant

Chapter One


Dan Jones


This book will have a permanent place in my bookshelf. The impacts of poor flow from application development into IT operations can be devastating: ever increasing cycle times and amounts of rework, and an ever increasing amount of heroics required in IT operations to preserve the illusion of stability and reliability.  

     Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix ProjectThe DevOps Handbook and Accelerate: The Science
            of Lean Software and DevOps


Twenty years from now the firms which dominate their industries will have fully embraced lean strategies throughout their IT organizations. Ten years from now those organizations will have started pulling ahead of their competitors as the result of lean IT. Today this book will show those organizations the path they need to start out on. Will your organization be one of them?

      Scott Ambler, author of Disciplined Agile Delivery

There has never been a more critical time to improve how IT integrates with the global business enterprise. This book provides an unprecedented look at the role that Lean will play in making this revolutionary shift and the critical steps for sustained success.

      Steve Castellanos, Lean Enterprise Director; Nike

A groundbreaking synthesis, examining IT operations, project management, software development, and governance through a Lean lens. Taut, subtly reasoned, and laced with the brilliant insight that only come from practicing Required reading for IT executives, architects, and project managers. 

      Charles Betz, author of Architecture and Patterns for IT: Service and Portfolio Management and Governance

Recipient of the prestigious Shingo Prize for Research, this was the first book to describe how Lean principles and practices aid in the continuous improvement and innovation of technology products and services.

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Appendix C

Common IT Wastes

Appendix D

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Problem Solving


This book examines the relationship of Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain, and the mechanics of flow and kanban in a production setting, with technology innovation, and coined the term "Lean IT" 

Lean Enterprise Systems describes the synergistic impact of technology and Lean business practices [and] provides a very complete summary of current Lean improvement techniques, as well as providing innovative thought leadership.

      Carol Ptak, Vice President of Manufacturing Strategy, Peoplesoft Corporation;

           co-author of Necessary but not Sufficient, with Eli Goldratt (author of The Goal)

This is a great book...if you are in need of a comprehensive source that ties together lean, six sigma, strategy management, and IT, this is the book for you.  

      APICS Magazine

Table of Contents and Preface


Zen and the

Art of Lean

Reconciling Lean and MRP II through Time Fence Logic

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