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Service Catalogue

Our services focus on one goal: to rapidly develop,

improve and leverage your internal capability. 


Master Gemba

Based on the Lean practice of “go see”, Gemba entails visiting work sites, observing and interacting with teams to learn how they work, how they learn, and what gets in their way. Today, value streams are multidimensional, non-linear, with physical and virtual elements, often operating at different cadences across multiple locations. In these conditions, Gemba requires interacting with and observing the teams that contribute to value creation and customer experience, learning about them, and with them. Leaders, managers, and coaches may accompany us on Master Gemba walks, offering a unique opportunity to observe and understand the end-to-end flow of value from a cross-functional and multi-disciplinary perspective. Each Master Gemba concludes with a report-out to leadership, including observations of strengths and potential opportunities for improvement.

Master Classes and Bootcamps

To help coaches, leaders, and managers improve and expand their capabilities toward creating and sustaining a high-performance learning organization, we deliver Master Classes and Bootcamps, tailored to the specific conditions, needs and goals of the enterprise and the target audience.

Master Classes can be delivered remotely, and range from single-event intensives, to multi-week activity-based learning, where participants identify and collectively solve a real enterprise problem while practicing and expanding their understanding and capabilities in a variety of practices. 


Bootcamps are intensive, hands-on, small group workshops (usually 2 – 3 days on-site) for coaches and/or managers, delivered periodically (often quarterly) with stretch goals between bootcamps for participants apply practices to measurably improve enterprise performance and learning.


Master Coaching

Master Coaching provides enterprise leaders and transformation managers with individualized coaching support. We also provide support for internal coaching teams. 


Master Facilitation

Today’s value streams are multidimensional, non-linear, physical and virtual, and often operate at different cadences, across multiple locations, with multiple data sources and uses. To address this complexity, we developed Multi-dimensional Value Stream Mapping and Analysis (SM).


Evolving beyond traditional value stream and customer journey mapping and analysis, MDVSM creates a comprehensive end-to-end and wing-to wing view, providing clarity on the inter-relationships and dependencies, data sources and gaps, key data points and metrics, and problems and opportunities to improve customer experience, learning, flow, innovation, and value. We offer facilitation for Multi-Dimensional Value Stream Mapping and Analysis (SM) from initial preparation through event mapping and analysis, reflection on findings with stakeholders and leadership, and next-step action planning with the enterprise coaching community.  

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